​​"To live is the rarest  ​thing in the world." 
​​~ Oscar Wilde

The Heel Click Story...

In Spring of 2007, Austin went on a mission's trip to New York City, one he had done every year since 6th grade. This particular trip was extra special, as it was Austin's last; he was a senior in high school and, as of June, would no longer be in youth group. To make it even better, Austin's uncle was one of the leaders. And, as was Austin's style, he left his mark.

It was the group's last day in NYC. They were at Penn Station, getting ready to leave the Big City and return to small town Canandaigua, NY. Their train was delayed 5 hours! Like any group of high school students, they filled the hours looking for things to entertain themselves with. During the week, as they walked through NYC, Austin and his Uncle Chad had been doing heel-clicks. What better place to continue them than at Penn Station! Someone dared Austin to heel-click his way around the waiting area - which he did. Now they were getting down to business. Fortunately for us, Chad videotaped some of the shenanigans, providing us with The Austin Heel Click Video.  Being the fun competitive individuals that they were, Chad and Austin decided to spice up the heel-clicking by having a competition, to see who the "best" heel-clicker really was.

They quickly recruited three judges from their group, who were instructed to score each heel-click based on specific criteria: Technique / Precision / Height / Body Angle (the more sideways the kick, the better) / and the Click of the Heel (heels must connect or the score would be lowered). The competition quickly got underway. Soon other members from the group entered the competition. The bystanders grew - watching, cheering, and clapping each contestant on. Before long, the delay of the train was forgotten.

This "heel-clicking" competition became a tradition at youth group events, with an award given to the winner, including the picture of Austin clicking his heels. When asked who won the competition at Penn Station, Chad responded, "Austin of course! That's why he's the model for the trophy."

The heel-click is a great reminder of how Austin embraced life. He wasn't about to let a train delay spoil the fun that could be had. He would make the most of it and, once again, be Livin' Lovin' Life to the Fullest!.

Can you see it now? The logo is from the actual picture of Austin doing the heel-click - Totally Austin style!